Instagram Stories and how you can use it to win..

                 So unless you're living under a rock you've probably already heard about "Stories" on instagram.. YES... "Stories" (Sound familiar?)... like Snapchats "Stories" You can post a video or picture and it's available for all your followers to see for 24 hours. My first thought (and probably yours) was "This is stupid, another social media feature that I have to choose from?".. But then after looking into it I realized this is probably the best thing to happen to instagram since the video feature. 

Here's why: 

That picture you took: Here's your chance to show and educate your follower on how you took that picture.

Walk the walk: Now you can be fully transparent and show the work you put in. Show your customers how honest your brand can be or show us how you get things done. The best part is you've got 24 hours, so make this happen.

Follower count: Like me, you've probably had instagram longer than snapchat and probably have a better reach on there too. Now you can show everything you had on snapchat to a bigger audience. An audience that you can guarantee has been with you for a long time.

Be a human being: Sometimes people just want to see a face and want to see that you're really who you say you are. Think of it as an opportunity to give back. Make your followers smile or laugh, run a contest, play some games, etc. just have fun 


So go! Take advantage of all you have in front of you and make it happen. Don't complain about the change.. Please don't be that guy/girl. Go do it. Hair dressers? Lets see those before and afters if you really do them. Bakers, lets see how you make that croissant. Carpenters? We love that bench, now prove it. This is real life guys now go get it. 


God bless you all, I'm out! 



GREAT EXAMPLE OF USING STORIES:::: Check out @voguemagazine