Why your business might not be getting the attention you want..

            So it's 2016 and your business isn't doing as well as you want... You read about Pokestops bringing in business, "Social media" posts going "Viral", people are "snap chatting" left and right but you can't seem to get people to you.. What do you do? Maybe you hire a consultant, maybe you watch a few videos, get a nice camera and start posting on your Facebook page.. okay, so what happens after that.. you get 13 "likes", 35 views and you get discouraged.. or a few weeks go by and you give up.. 

            So then you see the magic word.. "Advertising".. pay for ads and get views, get "likes", get impressions, engagements, etc.. a week goes by and you pay for those ads. you put in whatever you think is good for a trial run and you're good to go. Now a month later goes by and you notice that you're in the same position you were last month except you're out a few dollars because you paid for ads and a camera that you're not using anymore. Sucks to be you at this point..

             If thats not you're case then good job! you did it. Now go out and kill it! but if this is you then what do you do? do you sell a better product? (maybe) do you get a new staff? (Also maybe) or do you just quit (also maybe)... or wait a second.... How about listening to the people? The customer? The citizens who live in the area? what do they say? have you spoken to them? have you thanked them for their service? (YES THEY PROVIDE A SERVICE BY BUYING WHAT YOU SELL). Have you shown any attention to the customers at all? Well let's get to it then...

             Where are the people most "Vocal"? They're most vocal out on the street.. but you can't walk up to everyone so scratch that.. How about the internet? (But didn't you mention the internet before?.. Yes i did but i also mentioned you giving up after a few weeks). So lets start there.. 

            EVERYONE that you need is probably using the internet.. Look around you.. Social apps are the apps that are being used the most. So we need to get you on there.. But ads???? Lets be real.. Do you pay attention to the ads on your screen? If you don't, then what makes you think that they'll look at yours? What makes you SOOOOOO special that you have the audacity to think that yours will stand out? Maybe thats why you lost money last time.. Anyways, back to the internet.. Ask yourself, What are you attracted to? Are you attracted to videos with that connect with human emotion? cats, dogs, comedy?  or are you attracted to videos that sell you things? Now (assuming you hate videos that sell you things) Why are you producing content on your pages that you wouldnt watch? If you wouldn't watch it then why would someone else?? 

            Okay...  so you need to be on the internet and you need to produce content that everyone wants.. got it? Now you also need to go out, shake hands and kiss babies.. put your card, menus, postcard, etc.. everywhere! Now heres a secret key that no one tells you about the "Internet" or "Social media".... YOU NEED TO BE PATIENT.  yeah you do.. it sucks but its true.. thats why you shouldn't give up after a few weeks.. Get on the internet, Create that content, go out and shake hands, and constantly talk to people... Now if you create really really great content then guess what ?? Your posts won't just get "likes/views".. It'll start getting "shares".. Now the viewers are multiplying at a rate that you couldn't imagine..And its all organic and get this.. It's being shared by people who actually saw it and enjoyed it.. 

            It might not have been about your product, it could've been about nothing, but now they're watching you.. Now you have their attention.. Now you can sell to them knowing that you have your attention.. Thats where your product better be good... IF YOUR PRODUCT SUCKS THEN ALL THIS IS POINTLESS.. 

            so lets recap.. 

1. Remember that the customers come first.. Just shut up and accept it.. 2. Get on the internet and create content.. Content that you will enjoy.. 3. When creating content, don't make selling a key factor.. (I know, I know.. thats the goal but you gotta get the customers attention first buddy). 4. Be consistent and patient.. 5. Thank the customers and repeat. Hopefully this makes sense.. If you disagree then by all means let me know. I would love to fix things in my practice and head toward the right direction. 

            Overall I believe that great honest content will attract great customers and help your company succeed. Ive seen a lot of companies do this (Apple, Chipotle, Extra GUM, etc..) they create content that pulls on the emotion of the consumer while randomly throwing in their product. If you own a business and can't seem to find your way hopefully this helps.. Thank you guys! God Bless you and I'm out! 


Sorry about any punctuation errors... You get the point though.. (I hope) 



Chipotle: People love this song and cartoons. It brings awareness to an issue while entertaining your childlike mind. 

Apple: It inspires you, shows you the world and shows you what YOU can do... With an ipad. 

Thrive Market: I have no idea what the point is here but its hilarious, made me share and made me look up Thrivemarket.com