11208249_430020307168812_886242565_nThe year is 2015.. June 14th 2015 to be exact. If you read some of the past posts you'd see how crazy i thought things would be by now but its even crazier how things turned out. New people, new job, new projects, new goals, new everything. Today I sit here in Easton, CT figuring out where I'm going to shoot next.. What song am I going to compose next.. Or even what film project I'm going to score. I want to do so much now. Even more than I originally thought... Anyways, lets hope I keep my promise this time. Lets catch this season of Momentum and keep it going tip we change the world. Its possible.. You're possible.. I'm possible. Lets do it. Sidenote.. Heres a commercial I scored for a new clothing company hitting stores soon.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POXbSU3Ns9c]