New Independence - (The Making of Fireball)


imageNow Playing Niykee Heaton's "Say Anything" demo... (Love the way the crickets sound in the background and the little mistakes in the guitar. 100% real emotion and sound texture). With that being said lets go back to last year. Im sitting in my bedroom and thinking about my story, the story of my friends & co-workers and thought it was interesting that we all have different lives but come together a few times a week and have a lot in common. For example: Not all of my friends have the same interests as me or the same upbringing. Some of them don't even come from the same country.. One thing is for certain though and that is that we all have issues. We all have obstacles, problems, and mountains we need to climb in our own world to get through the day. When Joey wrote his verses for Fireball he told me how he was stuck. He was couch-surfing and pretty much homeless, unemployed, overcoming a personal problem that was affecting those around him, he lost his grandmother and was away from all of his friends and family. He always reminded me how this song was his way of expressing his emotions and how it meant a lot to him. Now he's a professional song writer.. He climbed that mountain and continued to not only climb more, but move them out of the way. Not everyone has that story but every one has A story. For this short film I decided to ask people questions about their story and themselves. Each one of these people agreed to open up and share their story for you. With that being said I present to you New Independence - The Making of Fireball.


A special Thank you to those who helped make this vision a reality. John Wilkins, Sharaya Smith, Marjorie Ondeck, Shawn Jones, Gilberto Figueroa, Cynthia Charles, Franklin Torres.

Recinotes - Fireball Featuring Joe Roman & Keith Wallen.

Produced by Daniel Recinos. Written by Daniel Recinos,  Joe Roman & Keith Wallen. Horns: Albert Figueroa. Choirs: Demetri Smith, Melkisha Smith, Alex Phouangphiarith & Cynthia Charles. Recorded at The Recinos Company Studios & Virtue Music Studio.