marggg-300x300Good day mates! Got a real treat for you today! I'd like to introduce you to Devours By Devan Victoria. Devan is a great friend of mine who makes some pretty awesome meals. Not only can she cook, but she throws some really cool dinner parties too. Check out some of Dev's recipes below & don't forget to email her for some really cool recipe ideas!


Watermelon is a favorite summer treat for its subtle sweetness and cooling -refreshing ability. The many ways to enjoy it are always sought and conquered. I love a drink to sip on, especially this one. Great on it’s own, blended with ice, or mixed with rum/ vodka, it’s an ahh in every sip. Sip on that.

Recipe: 7 mint leaves 1 lemon 2 cups watermelon

Juice ingredients together and serve over ice. If you do not have a juicer, blend in a blender and pour through a strainer before serving.


A spicy, flavor rocket of chick peas shoots into the taste buds at a record speed, so fast,  that trying to estimate the pace would only slow down the enjoyment of the meal. Spicy bean cakes, combined with a cool, cucumber tzatziki create a balanced satisfaction of a “meaty” patty with that special sauce. This is a special, special meal, a pita of pretty, a bean of blessing. All you’ll be able to get out in words is, “gimme more”.

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