20140114-041438.jpg2014.. Yup, yup, yup. A new year. I havent posted in a long time so just like every other post ill "try to post more". Anyways 2013 recap.. TV placements, movie placements, new business, gold album, gold single, Dear Bridgeport, etc... Now how do we top that in 2014?.. Well lets see!

Things Im doing so far:

  1. Praise
  2. Reading more
  3. Finishing Documentary
  4. Gaskt
  5. Movie placements
  6. Finishing albums for Darius Wolley, G Brunot &  Major label placements.
  7. Traveling more

Other than that theres a few other things going on but Id rather not speak on it yet. Here's something personal though. Aside from this site, I don't like to announce anything Ive done or anything Im doing. I never really knew why but its  been bothering me. I think its time I start recognizing my accomplishments. Its not for show or to brag but its to let myself and you guys know that Ive done something. Since I can remember I was always put in a box. I was told "You cant do this", "People like us never have that opportunity so don't waste your time", or even "Im going to make sure you don't succeed here"... Words like this were present for a majority of my life but that didn't stop me. I prayed and prayed to succeed and keep going and I thank God everyday for the things Ive been able to overcome and I appreciate the process. Today I sit here writing this blog with a doctors report in my hand that says Im healthy.. Nothing wrong! I sit here with a check from a company that pays me for putting my songs on a national Network. Im standing 4 feet away from a suit that I'll be wearing next week where I am being recognized as one of the "Top 50 most influential Latinos in CT". Not only that but I just mixed a song for a client in Nashville, and in a few hours I get to work with another client... In a field of work that I enjoy doing.. But theres more... In the past few months we doubled the amount of families that we've helped for our food drive, we've helped more people in need these past 2 months than we have in the past year...... and to think we had the worst grades growing up..

This is why you see #Praise everywhere I post. All I can do is what I have to do and thank God for allowing me to do it. Now I just pray for a better year. Lord Jesus I know theres more work.


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