Dear Bridgeport


In a time when the major companies are trying to figure out how to capitalize in a digital age and indie companies are thriving, a group of people are trying something different. Maybe its not new, maybe its been done for years, but either way it can change the world. 

As of recently we've seen companies shut down or merge with other companies to stay afloat, we've seen acts like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis overcome the indie struggles, we've even seen Jay-Z sell 1 Million albums to a company before the fans. No matter where you look the times are changing and we are pretty much trying to figure things out as we change for the better. Thanks to the internet all business are becoming "savvy" and increasing at an incredible rate. Angel investors and VC's are cashing in like crazy right now as more and more companies need money to grow.

Thanks to todays age of information I have been able to learn, create and even execute alot of ideas that Ive had to the public. This leads me to my next future venture which is to film a documentary & produce a soundtrack with the documentary. With this film I will be showing light to a city in the midst of struggle but also giving viewers a chance to see what life is like from the point of view of those living there. Along with this I will be filming the recording process of the soundtrack. The reason for this is to show that we can take full ownership of everything God has given us and create something great with it that can change the world. ("Do what you can, with what you have, where you are" - T. Roosevelt)... First let me give you a brief background on the city.

Mansions, Farms, High-priced luxury vehicles, yachts along the shore and more. These are things you see as you drive through the state of Connecticut. This is what most people aspire to have when they live in CT. However somewhere along that drive, the luxury cars turn into 1993 Toyota's, the Yachts turn into loose garbage over the long island sound, the mansions turn into abandoned buildings, the farms turn into parks filled with homeless people, drug addicts & those who only focus on surviving so they can see the next day. This is Bridgeport CT, the city known for its crime, corrupt politicians, abandoned property & "circus history". Recently Business insider ranked Bridgeport CT as the #4 most dangerous city in America and Forbes ranked it as the 4th most dirtiest city in America. You can imagine all the bashing we hear from all surrounding cities but every once in a while you see greatness start to develop. Once in a while a bit of hope appears when you least expect it but somehow that hope fades away a few moments after. I never really understood why.. Ive heard people say its a curse, ive heard people say its the politicians, Ive heard people say "its the people" but either way the city doesnt seem so promising at the moment.

After living here for almost 10 years Ive lived through some of the most bizzare but inspiring things. Ive heard some of the best musicians, writers & poets. Ive met some of the best people and have experienced some of the greatest moments of my life. These are things that no one sees in this city. I've gathered some of these people together and they have agreed to help me in recording a soundtrack, Recording footage and aligning their time with the vision I have. So far We've been working on getting support from the property owners of these abandoned bulidings to help me paint, project & advertise the album cover on the whole side of the buildings in exchange for promotion on our website (Which we're working on as we speak). We've gotten studios to offer studio time for the soundtrack, We've gotten local film directors volunteering and offering their services and a marketing company overseeing and offering consultation. Aside from that I will be using my experience to produce, record, mix & promote this project to the best of my ability.

For the first film project from The Recinos Company, we are presented with an inside look at New Independence. Set to cover the real story and people of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Producer and iStandard staff Recinotes (@Recinotes) gives us the first sneak peek at New Independence as a film, including the making of the first single he produced & co-wrote along with John Angelo (@JohnAAngelo) & Lynda Starr (@LyndaStarr1) titled “Dear Bridgeport“. Peep the first look at New Independence below, & make sure to download “Dear Bridgeport” on iTunes & all major digital retailers today.


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