So a while ago im working with Ace The Artist out of DC.. We worked on a song, released it and that was it. Later he asked me to be a part of his new project. I said yes and from there on I started communicating with him and his producer J rob and weve been sending emails and songs back and forth to each other ever since.. Working with an artist like this can be difficult and probably even annoying at time since you cant make any immediate changes when you need to and have to wait about a day or so for the smallest change. After a few months of going back and forth he told me that hes going in a new direction. He changed his artist name to his real name "Darius Wolley" and decided to also change the whole sound of the project.. Let me just say after hearing a few songs.... ITS COMING OUT CRAZY!!!


He decided to book a hotel and a studio in Bridgeport so we can all work together in one area and just go wild... Well thats exactly what happened. A few weeks later we met at Virtue Music Studios with J Rob, Styx, Joe & Syn and made the best musci we could make in those days there.. At first I didnt know what to expect. There were a bunch of strangers that never met making music and learning a little about each other every second. J Rob took one room and I took the other. We knocked out as much as we could and whenever we were stuck we just sent it over to the next room for the other to finish. At the end of the weekend I tink we had about 15 or more songs in total.. Pierre (PD3) came by and joined us later in the evening along with G Brunot and his manager Neivy. Jamal also came by and took a quick tour of Bridgeport.


The day started with a few beats, then a few dances, then a few more beats.. After that some pizza. The next day Joe Brought some samples and J Rob went nuts... All i have to say about J ROb is watch out for him.. J Rob is the future. Aside for that we ahd some Popeyes, gallons of water & iced tea and did som recording.


The next day I went out to Stamford and we recorded a few verses in the hotel room. We exchanged some ideas and I went back home. Overall it was an incredible experience. I enjoyed these sessions more than any other sessions I had. When these songs release I ask that you all please buy the and support the team. Team work makes the dream work!

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