"A Place For Stories..."


So I know Ive been away for while but Ive been bit busy. Alot of thinking, alot of "molding" and alot of praying.. Well earlier today I was sitting in my room watching an interview w/ Dennis Crowley and it got me thinking alot. Then I watched another interview w/ Kevin Rose ad then remembered a few other interviews Ive watched in the past. They all gave me a sense of inspiration. Not just regular inspiration but inspiration to inspire. I sat here for a long time thinking on what Id like to share with you also.. After a while I realized that all interviews had something in common which was pretty cool. They all had stories. Great stories.. Stories that they say they repeat over and over because it marked great point in there life... Those stories inspired me to share a few of mine.. But thats not enough. I meet people all the time and I always ask them "Whats your story?" its a common question I ask people or I try to get people to answer without asking them.. Not because im nosey but because Im always interested in the type of people that God has designed... Anyways the point of this is that I will be opening up this blog to others.. Im opening it up so that you can share your stories and inspire others the way that I was. It will be anonymous but you'll be able to read and discover personal testimonies from people around the world. Everyones got a story to tell right? If youd like to submit your "Story" please email me @ and I will send you a submission form and any info needed... Thanks and Bless you.

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