Artist of The Month: Ginette Claudette


185610_198941276801893_5244350_nO.k. so I know I'm late.. but better late than never and this month we have a special artist of the month. I first heard of her when I received an email from my buddy over at Universal last year with the name of some new artists who were currently working on new projects. Now usually before I start working on tracks I do some research and I came across a young lady singing her version of "Use Somebody". Her voice instantly caught my attention. It sounded like hope for not only myself but for anyone who is working hard to make something out of nothing. You see if you listen closely you can hear some roughness which helps you get a sense of where she's from (NY KID!!!) but also peacefulness and soulfulness (nothing better than that!). With that being said I quickly started following her on Twitter and have been able to read and listen to her music as she takes the ride to the top. She will be releasing here new EP "Everything's Coming Up Roses" on May 11th and has decided to release a few webisodes before its release date so if you're still asking yourself "Who is Ginette Claudette?" then take a look below and see for yourself!

[youtube] [youtube] [youtube] Theres a certain scene in this video that made me remember something/somewhere that I wanted to forget. Thank you Ginette for the little push and  inspiration to move forward..