Artist Of The Month: Edwin Escobar


380892_255049951230294_130822816986342_617585_928204081_nFebruary February February! This months " Artist of the month" is Edwin Escobar. I had the pleasure of meeting Edwin couple times and I must say he's not a man who speaks many words, but why would you want to when your work alone tells stories right? This Artist expresses himself a little different from what you might consider "Traditional art" though. Edwin is a director based out of Connecticut who uses his talents to express his art in a visual form. Personally I'd say he's one of my favorites and the best part is he's right around the corner if you need visuals for your next project. As you can see from his YouTube Page he's got work for days, so theres always something to check out. He's worked with some of the best local acts and other acts from the tri-state area as well. So don't get too distance shy if you need to make a trip. Below I added some of my favorite videos so make sure to check them out!

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