<<<<<<--------------Lately Ive been asked about these pictures

But first....

Can I start by saying....KKKKKNNNNIIICCCCCKKKKKSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW!! Incredible week. Praise the Lord! We have been on top lately huh?! ok now back to the post. Thanks to Young Guru Ive discovered a really cool new way to share pictures on instagram. Its called "Instababs" I wondered for a while how people were making pictures like this or what app was used to make these pictures. After doing some research on apps and studying a few of the pictures I finally had it. It turns out that its not 1 app. Its actually a few apps that make these effects. Want the secret? Check below..

Shoot your photos your camera or camera+ app, tweak/frame your pics with Snapseed or Frame Magic to create a blank frame, then use Squareready to square the image, then use Juxtaposer to combine the frame and image together, after that erase or unerase the part of the top image you want, finally send it to instagram and see what you came up with! (Average time 10-30 minutes depending on how detailed your pic is)

I decided to include some of the pictures Ive made below.