Ready, Set, Go!


Pd3 First week of the year is over and the race has begun... Not really race but it sounded good when I said it in my head. Whats up everyone? As you probably don't know, this blog was started so I can capture and record some events in my life and with that being said heres some that might interest you.. I currently have been asked by a good friend of mine,Mr. J. Mobley to help out in producing a song for a great cause. You see theres a boy in New Jersey with a brainstem tumor called Pontine Glioma. Unfortunately his family needs our help to get treatment for their son. Together with Mr. J. Mobley and other musicians we will be able to raise funds for Josia's treatment and I ask that you please help out whether it is buying the song or simply praying for those in need. I was fortunate enough to capture some scenes from the original production session for this song so you can see those below. Another story I have for you guys is about an upcoming project Im currently working on with Pd3  but that will have to wait. Ive also captured footage below for you to check out as well. With that being said I wish you all a great week and please keep me in your prayers as well.. Thank you!

To Learn more about Josia and how you can help you can click HERE

[vimeo w=400&h=225]

Back To Basics from Recinotes on Vimeo.

(SHOUT OUT TO DOM ON THE GUITAR!) [vimeo w=400&h=225]

Dom-O-Nations in the cut! from Recinotes on Vimeo.