It aint over til the fat lady sings!!! Well good bye 2011, Charlie sheen, Rebecca Black, Bin Laden, Oprah, "SwaaaaaG", Ray -J's #MoneyTeam & NBA lockouts! Great year right? Nothing to do now but Move forward! What can I make this about?? Hmmm.... Lets talk about the future.. Fulltime producing... #Recinotes Living! ALready got a few projects lined up so prepare and YES this time I will blog, film and take more pictures! Lets try a minimum of one post a week? SUre! Oh yeah I got my first nephew one the way too!! This year seems nuts already! Ive teamed up with incognito Management on a very special project so be sure to look out for that.. Im really excited for it.. Also Im starting my 2nd semester with RTN School of ministry! #POW Did I tell you how Im Director of marketing for the biggest Producer Showcase company in the world now too ?? Yeah thats a lot of change for the first day of the year..  SO stay tuned cuz it can only get better.. Well I wish you all a great year ahead! God Bless and Lets go!!

P.S. I put a video with a few clips of 2011 below.. Hope you guys like it!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COhAySxEjQ8?hd=1]